Bana Kuma Band Camp Registration

January 12-24

Puna, Hawaii

The Church of Bana Kuma offers the 12-day Wisdom Retreat

Take time to explore your own creative power and refocus your energy on the life you want to create.

Bana Kuma is an ancient word that is all about your power to manifest your personal reality. Use the transformative volcanic power of the Big Island to transform your life and its focus. Days will be spent taking part in various activities all focused on expansion into our greater selves. This event is hosted by Chris Berry and the Church of Bana Kuma. Chris is a Bana Kuma exemplar and also the medium for his 10,000 year old ancestor referred to as Haha. Haha is a major source of information and inspiration for Bana Kuma wisdom and councils will be held with this spirit throughout our time together. Councils will be held with other spirits who have also contributed to the return of the Bana Kuma wisdom during this time.

Explore the four vocations of Bana Kuma: Choose a vocation to expand in and become an Exemplar (the Bana Kuma equivalent of a leader or teacher) in that vocation. (Participants may take part in various vocations but are encouraged to choose and area of focus).


Bard (Fire): music, dance, storytelling, history and entertainment.

Healer (Water): herbal medicine, tea ceremony, tira (body work), divination, mediumship, Hinimaweh meditation.

Artisan (Earth): physical art and craft, cooking, building, agriculture.

Ceremony maker (Air): study of philosophy and principles of Bana Kuma, writing/poetry, conflict resolution ho'oponopono, Council holding, Ceremony making for weddings, funerals, baby blessings and initiations.

Introductory level: Beginner or first time participants (no invite necessary)

Dates: January 12-24

Cost: For 12 Days: $585 if paid after October 15 or $450 Kama’aina

Daily Rate: $50

Accommodations are camping with hot shower, composting toilette and full kitchen. For cabins or cabin space, please email

Optional Meal plan includes 3 meals a day and is $30 per day. Meals are mostly vegetarian and vegan with non processed food sourced locally. Any meat that is eaten is processed in ceremony and is local free range.

Airport Shuttles (to and from Hilo airport ONLY) are $25 each way. You must book at least 24 hours in advance.

Self sovereignty and the sacred gift of free will create the center of Bana Kuma. For this reason we do not use words like leader, priest or guru. We instead use the word "exemplar" to denote someone who leads by example. Being and living by example is seen as the most powerful way to effect people and the world around us. Once example and wisdom is offered it is up to each individual to exercise their own self listening and self guidance. In this way, the Church of Bana Kuma is not a group of leaders and followers but a body of self empowered individuals who are encouraged to exercise their free will and self leadership at all times.

The Church of Bana Kuma is based upon 3 principles:

1. Self sovereignty and free choice

2. The all that is one and the one that is all (unity)

3. Our gift to create, transform and manifest reality

We do not use one word to describe the creator but accept all others religions words for such a being. We support equality for all human kind and the view that all life is sacred.

Come speak with these spirits and live for up to 12 days in an ancient and intentional way. Discover a part of your ancestry that reaches back thousands of years and still resides in your blood today. Awaken your connection to your greater self which includes all of those who came before you. Meet the part of your ancestry that does not see the world through the lens of divisiveness but as an opportunity for the 4 elements to harmonize together. Become rooted in your 'now' by re-awakening your ancient past.

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1. Complete Registration Form Here

2. Pay a 50% Registration Fee via either:

A. PayPal: (please use the friends and family option and include a description for your payment)

B. Check/Money Order made out to Chris Berry sent to PO BOX 2097, Pahoa, HI, 96778

The balance can be sent via PayPal or post before your arrival or paid in cash upon your arrival.

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