Flow Festival ’17

Flow Festival Hawaii 2017

February 3-5

Puna, Hawaii’s Premiere Music, Cultural and Sustainability Festival

Eventbrite - Flow Festival



The festival is founded by Chris Berry who was originally inspired in 2014 when the Big Island’s active lava flow changed directions and threatened to cut off lower Puna from the rest of the island.

The intention remains to enhance the sustainability and unity of our community and warmly welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes, creeds, colors…

We focus on conscious music, progressive thinking speakers, sustainable & holistic life practices and equality among the human race.

We honor Hawaii for its richness in culture and geography.

We dedicate the festival to the Hawaiian Lava Goddess, Pele.

The 3rd annual Flow Fest will feature over 45 artists, speakers, visionaries, workshops, Ceremony, Hula, Cultural presentations and of course the Bana Kuma Prayerformance.

We have grown and are moving to a sacred location known now as Green Lake but also known as Ka Wai a Pele. We are Puna’s premier festival and our intention is to bring together our community and create a life changing experience for all who attend.

Please remember that is is the community and those who attend the festival who create the experience; headliners and artists only serve to enhance what is already there and created by us.

Eventbrite - Flow Festival

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