Tree Danko presents The Tea Tree Tones

Tree Danko presents The Tea Tree Tones

I am a Psychedelic Deep-Roots-Soul Banjo Playing Singer-Songwriter who has called Kalapana, Big Island home since 2013.

Combining timing and rhythm invokes the sensation of connection and the urge to dance & participate from the audience. Music & lyrics are combined and designed to relate to a broad spectrum of thought. The balance of the light and darkness is important in this work, as I’d like to just keep it real but am not afraid to get complex and tackle uncomfortable and sacred topics. This show at Flowfest marks my making the public transition into Electric PsyBanjo. Electric psychedelic-rock beach & street hits such as ‘Mister Clean’, ‘Happy Fish’, ‘Sacred Medicine’ ‘I Eat Kids’, ‘Hippie Shit’ & ‘Coconut Wireless’ are highlights to look forward to.

I play Banjo because I love to. I have been playing and writing music for 13 years, Living my life to the fullest has inspired me to play and write for 6-10 hours a day on average for years now. I am lucky to be healthy and free enough to play Banjo daily and to enjoy the laughter, dancing and love of true friends and family around me. I am in the moment when I play and when I see other people smile I can’t help but want to make them smile more, laugh out loud even. It’s my favorite thing.

I know I love my music, the stories & myth in the reality I have created through my lyrics & cosmic sounds and it has helped me immensely. Music is HEALING. Music in many ways saved my life. I have taken Banjolene to the stars and back. I have disappeared into other dimensions entirely with Dark Horse. I’ve performed at beaches, camp-outs, tin shacks, rocks and for the stars and flowers all over the Big Island.

It’s all been trippy & awesome.