STil Focus Media

STiL Focus Media

Born in the United States, Shaunti now travels the world photographing transformational festivals and social movements, documenting the “Global Awakening” occurring World-Wide. His ability to connect with people and capture them in their Light has given him a reputation as an Evolutionary Documentarian. He is well known for his highly intuitive work and supportive presence in music and activism. On the live music scene, he has filmed and photographed at events such as the Bali Spirit Fest, the Flow Fest, the Arise Music Festival, Unify, Unity and Gem & Jam, working with artists such as Rising Appalachia, Beats Antique, One Tribe Movement, and many more. As a social activist Shaunti has worked closely with the Standing Rock movement, Up To US, and the Unity Concert for the Black Hills initiative, working closely with indigenous leaders to bring about a global mind shift in the way we relate to the Sacred. Words from the Artist: There is a social / Spiritual Awakening happening right NOW on planet Earth! The conventions of society are shifting and the traditional rules are being broken.. Our Earth is in Transition!!! And in all of this, there is a waves of Consciousness spreading through the hearts and minds of people all across the planet! WE Are Waking UP! STiL Focus is the record in images.. the documentation of a Global Awakening! I’ve been blessed to be a magnet of highly conscious, deeply grounded artists and activists, sharing in the caring for a better world! *In addition to photography, Shaunti is a poet, writer, and musician constantly evolving as an artist using many different mediums to inspire and support the Global paradigm shift already underway.