Shakti Naam Yoga

Shakti Naam Yoga

Shakti Naam yoga is a merging of science and mantra, or sacred sound, through the ancient yogic practice Sukshma Vyayama, a Himalayan yogic practice known as the “yoga of immortality.” Working with the body’s subtle energetic or meridian system, consciously integrated with breath, mudra and mantra meditation, Shakti Naam is an invaluable self-healing technology that balances the brain, glandular, digestive, immune and nervous systems–the entire body–for optimal well-being, while activating the shakti within. Shakti is the creative and vital energy of the Universe, also referred to as Kundalini energy, ki, chi, Holy Spirit, etc. Naam means “Name” or “Word” and is a practice of sacred mantras that invoke Universal Life Force Energy. Shakti Naam is a yogic practice that safely opens the heart center to bring your body in alignment with your highest self for divine living.

About Me:

I did my first sun salutation when I was twelve years old. I didn’t know it then, but it was a promise to my life’s ever-evolving journey towards union: Oneness. Through my practice, I learn every day (most days) that our bodies are our most precious instruments, as vehicles of love and light.

My practice is of devotion. Devotion to God above and goddess within. Johena is a phonetic version of my Korean name ์กฐํ˜„ํ™” “Hyun-wha” meaning “wise flower.” “Wha” is the sound of ecstasy. As a flower breathes through each pore of its being, I seek to live with the consciousness that our skin too breathes. We absorb everything. How then, do we choose our ways into a better be-ing?

Join me on this journey within
through consciousness
of breath, sound and movement
to heal our bodies, minds, souls, spirits


My education & experience includes:

2018 California Vegetarian Food Festival, Yoga Instructor / Hollywood, CA
2018 DisclosureFest, Yoga Instructor / Los Angeles, CA
2017 One Love Festival, Healing Sanctuary Practitioner / Perris, CA
2017 Harmonyum Healing III Training / Santa Monica, CA
2017 Veg Fest LA, Yoga Instructor / Van Nuys, CA
2017 Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner / L.A.R.A.
2017 Certified Naam Yoga Level II Yoga Instructor / Lucerne Valley, CA
2017 Integral Sound Healing Training, Svaram / Auroville, India
2015 Certified Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Practitioner / Irvine, CA
2015 Certified Vocal Yoga Instructor / Santa Monica, CA
Yoga Instructor, Israel Levin Senior Center / Venice, CA
Operations Manager, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Naam Yoga LA / Santa Monica, CA
2014 RYT 200 Shakti Naam & Naam Yoga Therapies / San Jose de Cabo, Mexico
2014 Ruskin School of Acting 2-Year Meisner Technique / Santa Monica, CA
2012 Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing, Spanish, Pepperdine University / Malibu, CA; Buenos Aires, Argentina