Permaculture Design Mapping of Green Lake

Permaculture Design Mapping of Green Lake

Join the Green Lake Landcare Renewal Specialists, Scott Laaback and Smiley (Shannon Burrows), along with Permaculture Teachers Anna Simone Combi (Anahata) and Robin Liepman (Bloom), to learn about Permaculture Design and apply it directly to the Green Lake property. This is your opportunity to Malama the Aina with the Ohana! 

We will work on an area of the garden with Glyracidia Trees that will be mulched for fruit trees, and will plant some keiki trees, and explain the organic fertilizing and biochar techniques utilized on the land. 

We will do a site assessment and design map of the garden, with a group brainstorm of the Permaculture possibilities. This design will be implemented throughout the year, and will become a hands-on Permaculture project for next years Flow Fest!

Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata) are Permaculture teachers, event organizers, workshop facilitators, and Earth-activist musicians. They have facilitated community workshops and Permaculture events in Costa Rica, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Hawaii, Peru, Bali, and Australia. They are co-founders and co-organizers of Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Network which toured the West Coast Fall 2015, offering events that brought together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice Permaculture.

Anna holds a degree in Cross-Cultural Social-Work and Environmental Sustainability from University of Redlands, and is a certified yoga teacher, bodyworker and herbalist. Bloom holds a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science from UC Santa Cruz, and is a Generation Waking Up facilitator.

They both have their PDC, EDE, and PTT. They both actively study and practice eco-psychology and expressive arts therapy. They have worked as Teacher’s Assistant’s for Starhawk’s Permaculture Design Course / Earth Activist Training and the GEN Ecovillage Design Education; co-created the Village Building Convergence in San Luis Obispo; and are co-facilitators of the Winter On Maui Permaculture Design Course. Bloom & Anahata continue to travel and lead Permaculture workshops, retreats, and events worldwide.