Panjea Foundation

PANJEA derives its name from the notion that at one time the world and its continents were physically joined (Pangaea). Panjea believes that through the sharing of ideas and open cultural exchanges the world can once again become a new kind of “Pangaea”, united not by its physically joined continents but by its people.

From a mountain top in Zimbabwe on one of our cultural tours, to a Panjea show at the 2000 Olympics, to a music and sustainability festival on the most active lava in the world, we hope to show you the exciting diversity and positive reality that our organization creates. As a band and a non-profit organization we hope to promote the realization of humankind’s unity and leave all who come into contact with us with a greater sense of respect for life.

Whether it is through our music or our many international programs, we hope to create a healthier and a more balanced future in which earth humans share their knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of all.

We also hold it to be true that we are connected with all of creation and that what we do to it, we do to ourselves. Hence the single pervading principle in all of Panjea’s work: “Reverence for Life and all of Creation”. By realizing the fundamental truth of our oneness Panjea believes that together we can create a world of balance, compassion and understanding.

The Panjea Foundation is an officially recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.