Lucid Llama

Lucid Llama

Llama found himself fading out of time, nestled in a lush patch of the greenest grass; when Spirit called upon him. “Embrace Yourself” whispered the voice. So, off Llama lingered… into the clouds. Upon returning to Earth, a new philosophy arose within his mind. Simply put “Perception is all we can prove.” Our perception is the cornerstone of this reality. A building-block to rely upon. Through the sovereign eyes of one’s own view; perceiving transforms into dreaming, dreams alter reality, & the God inside one’s self becomes activated – shifting each individual into the Pilot of a totally Lucid plane.

& thus; for it is written – “Lucid Llama” was christened by the stars, & cast into a vessel of illumination. The purpose of his existence in this Realm is namely; to bare a light. Specifically, to those whom dwell in the depths of darkness. Lucid does so through the craft of story-telling, musical alchemy, riddle, rhyme, & feel good vibes!

Spitting – by nature – is what Llamas do best. Resultantly, the roots of Lucid’s forest are nurtured by hip-hop, poetry, spoken word, & witty wordplay. These lyrical hooves tread smoothly over snarled guitar jaunts, & the mangled fluff of ukulele usage, allowing prophetic messages to lace the coding of his pure vibration.

Linger on over, lay down in this pleasant pasture, & unleash the hinges of your Mind, Ears, & Heart. You’ll Llove listening to Lucid Llama.