Circle Of Sovereigns

Circle Of Sovereigns

You are free and sovereign.
You also possess Ke Akua (God/Creator) given unalienable rights.

Learn about Natural Law Justice, and how to protect yourself, your family, your community and your country from corrupt government operating under “color of corporate law.” Remember: America 1776, Declaration of Independence; and Hawaiian Kingdom 1839, Declaration of Rights are both founded on Natural Law.

Unity in the Law = Unity in the People.

The Circle of Sovereigns (Hawai’i Natural Law Jural Assembly) is established to restore truth, justice, and harmony in our beloved Hawai’i nei. All People, no matter what political venue or social perspective are welcome. We are strong in our unity and diversity. Together we can secure a pono and good future for our keiki and the future generations.

“God hath made of one blood all nations of men (People) to dwell on Earth
in unity and blessedness.” Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III Declaration of Rights 1839
All people are created equal (but not the same) under Ke Akua (God/Creator).
You have the unalienable right to “follow your bliss.” Likewise, we live lawfully by holding ourselves and each other accountable to the three principles of Natural Law Justice:

Be Truthful. Do No Harm. Honor Your Word.

Remember who you are…and where you are…Free Hawai’i Now!
Stand fearless, in the Universal Law of Truth and Love… the Law of Aloha.