The 5th annual Flow Fest will feature dozens of artists, speakers, visionaries, workshops, Ceremony, yoga, Cultural presentations and of course the Bana Kuma Prayerformance.

Fire in the Water

The symbol of the fire in the water is significant to Puna, Hawaii because Puna is the home to the most active volcano in the world. It is a unique experience for residents and visitors of Puna to witness the lava flowing directly into the ocean.

If fire and water elements can combine and work together, they have the best chance of making the most desired impact. The two elements can have such subtle differences that they can be hard to delineate from one another. They create a fascinating duo.

The fire in the water is also a significant symbol to Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma. It signifies the ultimate and achievable balance. Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma honors specific characteristics of each of the 4 elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air broken down into three (masculine, feminine, androgynous). In Chris Berry’s history of Bana Kuma, there were four original tribes of humans. There was a time when all four coexisted harmoniously together. However, the Fire and the Water tribes began to fight when they disagreed on whether BLOOD belonged to the fire element or the water element. This began the war that has carried on to this day. In practicing Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma, we celebrate the notion that we are alive in a time when we can manifest the healing of these two elements and honor the space for blood to exist in both fire and water at once. Furthermore, this is where the magic can really happen - when fire and water work together to achieve common goals.


  • Originally founded by Chris Berry who was inspired in 2014 when the Big Island’s active lava flow changed directions and threatened to cut off lower Puna from the rest of the island.
  • The intention remains to enhance the sustainability and unity of our community and warmly welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes, creeds, colors…
  • We focus on conscious music, progressive thinking speakers, sustainable & holistic life practices and equality among the human race.
  • We honor Hawaii for its richness in culture and geography.
  • We dedicate the festival to the Hawaiian Lava Goddess, Pele.
  • Remember that it is the community and those who attend the festival that create the experience that headliners and artists only add to what is already there and created by us.